Interactive Ramsgate

Using the latest map technology from Google it’s now possible to compare historical data with current satellite images, and also compare historical maps with each other to highlight changes to the town.

Information listed below has been overlaid on Google Earth, which is a free program available from the Google Earth web site. When you click on the links below a small file will download which contains links to online maps, pictures etc. and will automatically open Google earth if you have it installed. Some of the maps are quite large files and may take a while to download. Please be patient, the results will be worth it.

Currently available ... click title to download

Town Boundaries:

Liberty Boundary

Municipal Borough Boundary


1735 Plan of Ramsgate

1822 R. Collard & G. Hurst map

1849 G.M. Hinds map

1872 Ordnance Survey Map

1919 Richborough Port map

1923 Ordnance Survey (Manston area)

1947 Borough map

1956 Ordnance Survey map (West Cliff area)


Town Area pinned to their location


South Eastern Railway Line

SER Town Station Plan

SER Harbour Station Plan

London Chatham & Dover Railway Line

LCDR & SER Margate Stations Plan

Southern Railway Link

Southern Railway Ramsgate Station Plan

Manston Military Railway

Isle of Thanet Light Railway (Trams)

Blue Plaques:

Location of Ramsgate Society’s Blue Plaques

Underground Ramsgate:

Tunnels and

WWII A.R.P. Shelters

Cold War A.R.P. Tunnels

          Details of a scheme to accommodate 41000 people

Download All Files

All the above files in one folder (6 mb)


Make sure you have Google Earth installed before downloading the files. (see below)

Follow on-screen instructions to OPEN each file. Google Earth will then load (normal installation) and you should see the downloaded file in the Temporary Places window to the left of your screen.

Click on the small + next to each file to reveal options. Ticking the box will load the overlay file and clicking on the blue hyperlink will reveal more information. Double click to fast zoom to the feature.

WARNING ... when viewing the Maps, avoid ticking the box next to the “Map Overlays” title as it will download all map files at the same time, which may take a long time. Instead, expand the tree by clicking the + sign and select the maps individually.

Google Earth is available as a free download from the Google Web Site



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